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Uptodown is the ultimate third-party app store for Android and a solid alternative to the Google Play Store. This app provides a lot of applications, modded or cracked APKs to download on the Android device. It consists of applications and games, the possibility of which getting found on the Google Play Store is less. This app store is reliable and doesn’t fail like other Android App Stores in the market.

uptodown for android
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What is Uptodown for Android?

Uptodown for Android is exclusively developed for users to download APK format directly on their devices. It is the quickest way to download any app, and also it is safe. The reputation as the ‘Best Alternative to Google Play Store’ is not there for the sake, but it deserves to get. It is indeed one of the best alternatives to the Google Play Store.

While you are looking for apps everywhere, you can just look for it here. You don’t have to worry about how to download them, it’s readily available for you. If you have been looking for APKs to download on your device then this application should be your one-stop destination from now on.

This application has APKs in different categories, from communication to multimedia. Name it, and you will get whatever you want. Games, productivity, tools, security, and more, and the best part is that you’ll get the APK format of all categories.

As we have already told you that applications that are found here may not be available on Google Play Store, but there’s a possibility of getting apps from it in Uptodown. Though not all of them, you might. Uptodown consists of software which has been modified for better features and gives you more than the original app, e.g., GBWhatsApp. Uptodown possesses different versions of modified WhatsApp application like OGWhatsApp, VidMate, that certainly has features that are lacking in the original versions. In short, if you are looking for varied/moded version of an original app, then there’s a possibility to find them here.



  • Supports multiple-file format with APK, XAPK, OBB files on Android.
  • Include downloads from categories like Communication, Games, Lifestyle, Multimedia, Productivity, and more.
  • Option to sort downloads history by date, size, and name.
  • The Menu option comes with Latest App Updates, Download History, Installation History, Rollback version, UpToDown APK Settings, as well as a Blog Section for other application information.
  • Explore, download, and share the most downloaded apps of 2019 from the homepage.
  • Also, get the older versions of the app quickly if the latest version is not compatible with your device.

Download Uptodown for Android

You might want to know how to download this app on your Android device which provides unlimited free APKs of the popular application. Worry not, we have brought you the direct link to Uptodown for Android. Just click on the link below. You can see the download details on the notification bar. It will take merely less than a minute for the APK to download. To know more about UptoDown common errors and policies, check FAQs.

Install Uptodown for Android

If you have ever encountered trouble for downloading or installing APKs on your device, then we a tutorial for that as well. But here’s a thing, the installation should be as easy as downloading applications from the Google Play Store.

If you have downloaded the link from above, then click on the downloaded file. As it opens, a page with the ‘Install’ option appears. Click on it. It might take a few seconds and as it completes, ‘Launch’ the application and you are good to go. You can explore, download or share any application you want to.

Now, for the ones the above procedure didn’t work, here’s a solution for you. Probably, the link must have shown an error while getting downloaded or a message must have appeared reading, ‘can’t open this file’. Don’t worry, and just follow these steps to install the application on your device:

  • Go to your Settings and then to Security
  • Find the option Unknown Sources and click on it.
  • You’ll find a toggle beside it. Swipe Right to enable the Unknown Sources.
  • You might receive a message with a warning. Click on Accept. Don’t worry the link you will find here is completely safe.
  • Now, Download the link from above. Click on Install as it downloads.

The next thing you have to do is, just Launch and go on the expedition of exploration of applications and games that you have been willing to download.

How to use Uptodown?

Uptodown has the simplest of an interface an app store can have. So, using it is also easy. But if you are worried about how to use it, we have got your back.

Let us first clarify that you don’t need to register on Uptodown to be able to utilize it. So, a step lesser to get started with the application.

As you launch the app, you might want to check the language it is in. It should be in English, but if it is not, then go to the top right corner of the page. There must be initials for all the languages like ES for Español, BR for Português, FR for Français and so on. With a click, you can change the language according to your preference.

As you open the app, you can directly search for an application or game and it will appear on your timeline. But if you want to look for older versions, then click on the ‘older version’ option beside the download button. Below, you will find details about the application and reviews from the users who have downloaded the application. You can then decide whether you should download it on your device.

Lastly, if you want to Sign Up in Uptodown, then you can follow these steps:

First, click on the ‘User’ symbol on the right side. A sign-up page will appear

If you want to sign up with your Google account, you can click on the Google icon. As you click, it will ask for your email id. Fill in the information and follow the steps according to the options on the screen

uptodown for android

But if you want to sign up with your Facebook, you can click on the Facebook Icon and proceed

There’s one more option for you to Signup and that’s creating an account for Uptodown. So for that, you can fill in the information against the option provided.

uptodown for android

Make sure you have checked the box for ‘Terms of Use’. Now click on SIGN UP. Your account will be created.

Advantages of Downloading Uptodown for Android

What are the features that you look for in an app store when the official app store of your operating system doesn’t suffice? Well, of course, there might be a lot of expectations of different people according to their needs, but if we have to sum it up together then many of them will have a similar need. Therefore, here’s a basic list of advantages of using Uptodown on your Android device:

  • All the APKs found here are for free
  • It is available for everyone and doesn’t have any restrictions like geographical or regional
  • Almost all the APKs are safe to download unless the server faces some trouble
  • No need to subscribe or register with an account
  • A user-friendly interface so you wouldn’t spend hours to figure out how to use it.
  • Thousands of APKs available on its store
  • Applications that aren’t available on the conventional app stores can be downloaded in APK format directly on your device
  • Older versions of applications available
  • APKs which are compatible with the device available. Download the ones which work for you
  • It is open-source and available for most of the leading platforms
  • Developers can publish their apps on the servers
  • Has been there for more than a decade and its features are always getting better.

History of Uptodown

Uptodown was founded in 20th December 2002 and has been serving users since then. Right now it is available in 12 different languages. Previously, Uptodown was available only for Windows, Mac, and Ubuntu, but it started hosting Android application in 2011.

Luis Hernández Garrido and Pepe Domínguez Fernández founded Uptodown, two Spanish students of the University of Malaga. The app was revived in the English language only in 2006 and has been popular among the users since then.

The application has been popular among Windows users during its initial years but the spot was taken by the users of Android since Uptodown introduced it. Recently, iOS users have taken the second spot of most traffic generated on the website while Android remains on the number one position.

Soon they released their official application which was able to install and update apps automatically, setting a milestone in their journey. With Uptodown, users could download XAPK files as well. In 2017, they introduced a widget of their own for developers where they can upload any application they have developed. This gave users the opportunity to find a substitute for any application they downloaded. And what makes this more appealing is that this service can be used for free, but get the benefit from it. Uptodown claims that they receive over 50 apps to publish per day from our 38,000 registered authors.